Marketing Research Paper – Kudler Fine Foods

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Marketing Research Paper – Kudler Fine Foods
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Allan Hopkins

In the current retail food industry there are numerous competitors fighting for the same dollar. It is important for each company to identify their target market, identify their competitors, and then build their marketing plan. The information below will detail Kudler Fine Foods marketing strategy which includes expanding its services, improving its efficiency of operations, and increasing the customer purchase cycle. The paper will also discuss areas where Kudler Fine Foods needs to further their market research. Kudler Fine Foods is a specialty upscale food retailer operating in the state of California. Currently they are selling their
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The three questions listed above identified some key areas of opportunity for Kudler Fine Foods. It is obvious that Kudler Fine Foods needs to conduct further research in the areas of product selection, value of products, and customer service. Kudler’s current marketing strategy identified programs to focus on high end products and services through specialty cooking clinics and a high-end frequent shopper program. With the results of the 2008 survey it would be a waste of resources to implement these marketing initiatives. Through survey responses it seems that Kudler customers would much rather see a wider variety of products in the stores with better pricing. Kudler customers are looking for more selection and more value. One of the marketing initiatives did include customer training which was also identified by the survey. The Kudler customers stated that the employees were not very courteous, which will keep customers away from the stores. No matter what products your store has, if the customer service is poor, you will not be successful. It is critical for Kudler Fine Foods to know their market. Competitive intelligence is a means of knowing your customers, your competitors, and your market. Competitive intelligence can also help to identify what may happen in a market, or what a competitor may do in the future. When developing a marketing strategy and marketing
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