Marketing Research Paper for Kudler Fine Foods

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Kathy Kudlers goal is to be the specialty food store gourmet cooks look to when shopping for the ingredients for their culinary creations. The opening of her first store in 1998 proved to be an immediate success. Kathy has opened two other locations since. A prominent goal of marketing research is the identification and definition of marketing problems and opportunities. This goal also includes the improvement and development of marketing actions. Kudler Fine Foods performed a SWOT Analysis to identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths listed are: 1) because it is a small organization, KFF can control and watch over all of the stores operations continually, 2) KFF has no direct competition because there are not any gourmet stores in the area, 3) KFF offers its customers a wide variety of produce, fruits, wines, and cheeses. None of the grocery stores in the area can offer such a wide variety of products, 4) KFF is very customer oriented and employs a very friendly staff. Employees help the customer in any way possible and very courteous, to help customers as much as possible, 5) KFF locations are strategically placed in higher classed areas in which people can afford to pay the higher

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