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Marketing Research Professional Challenge Executive Summary Research Objectives The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra conducted a survey to understand what musical selections would increase ticket sales. VSO management conducted the survey at a free concert. 656 out of 2,400 people responded. Goals Determine the musical preferences of non-subscribers and subscribers. Findings Musical Preferences of Subscribers & Non-subscribers (see Appendix A): Classical, twentieth century, pops or Canadian. The ratings for “choice of music appealed to me” increased by 17% from the first survey to the second. The survey did not ask what music the VSO doesn’t offer but attendees want to hear. Being able to hear classical music performed…show more content…
Therefore price does not completely affect attendance and other variables must be considered (Appendix C). Conclusions By following the same format as the previous survey, the VSO gained no new knowledge as to what will increase ticket sales. Lowering price may help, but other factors such as music that people would like to hear but the VSO doesn’t offer, wasn’t collected. The VSO again wasted their money conducting a convenience sample where results are biased and questionable. Recommendations The writer recommends not using the collected survey information. The VSO should start over and use the probability method of stratified random sampling so "[the survey] will represent not only the overall population, but also [the] key subgroups of the population..." of subscribers and non-subscribers (Research Methods Knowledge Base: Probability Sampling). To collect names for the random sample, the VSO should use its member database to identify current subscribers and non-subscribers from the last three years who are no longer current. Once accomplished a random sample of 1,000 people can be selected from both groups using an Excel spreadsheet. From the random sample, the VSO could send out mail surveys to current and former subscribers. Clients who return a survey will receive two free tickets to a VSO performance of their choice (tickets subject to availability). Using a probability sample

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