Marketing Research Project : Digital Media

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Research Project # 2 Wyoma Svarczkopf Introduction to Marketing CUNY College of Staten Island 11/17/14 Professor Robert Allen Company Background Millennial Media (MM) is an independent platform for mobile advertising and was founded in May 2016 by Paul Palmieri and Chris Brandenburg. The stock symbol is MM and is traded under the categories: Other Services Related to Advertising, Other Advertising Services Direct Mail Advertising Services, and Advertising (New York Stock Exchange). Michael Barrett is the CEO of Millennial Media, and has experience in e-commerce, advertising, and sales (Millennial Media, 2014). Their headquarters are located in Baltimore, MD and they have eleven domestic and international offices, with six additional regional offices (Millennial Media- Contact Us, 2014). The company specializes in mobile advertising through helping with bridging the gap between their clients and their clients’ market. They will create innovative advertising with interactive media that makes their platform and solutions unique (Millennial Media- Advertising, 2014). MM will also go as far as to offer solutions to technical issues with mobile outreach and programming ideas that exceed just mass advertising. MM’s revenue on their income statement is stated at $292.65 million (Yahoo Finance- Millennial Media). Why We Chose Millennial Media Millennial Media is a mobile media-advertising platform that represents a booming market that is typically an unseen

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