Marketing Research Project

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A MARKETING RESEARCH PROJECT REPORT ON “RETAIL MARKETING-MALL MANIA” UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Mr. S. K. PANDEY (FACULTY OF M.R.) SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: Dr. D. K. Garg Shweta Bansal Chairman Enr. No. 12067 IIMT, Greater Noida Barsha Mahanta Enr. No. 12064 Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of The Requirement For Post Graduate Diploma In Business Management ISHAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT &TECHNOLOGY 2, INSTITUTIONAL AREA GREATER NOIDA CONCENT FROM GUIDE I,…show more content…
Ms. SHWETA BANSAL (12067) Ms. BARSHA MAHANTA (12064) PREFACE Market Research is indeed an ancient art; it has been practiced in one form or the other since the days of the Adam and Eve. Its emergency is of relatively recent origin for success of any business and within this relatively short period, it has joined a great deal of importance and stature. We chosen the topic “RETAIL MARKETING-MALL MANIA” we have tried to put our best effort to complete this task on the basis of skill achieved during studies in the institute. We have put our maximum effort to gain the accurate data. If any error or mistake found in collecting data kindly ignore. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE We have been assigned with the topic RETAIL MARKETING-MALL MANIA”. The research objective was to know the various aspects of retail marketing and mall mania. There is no doubt that, in today’s life especially women are very much beauty conscious. To make a healthy skin in polluted atmosphere, proper care are also very essential and acne cream plays an important role in this aspect. The objectives of this particular study are: - • What kind of malls does the people generally use. • Find out the different factors that influence the people in selecting the malls. • What
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