Marketing Research Report

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Marketing Research Written Report MKT2210 4/26/2010 Middlesex University, Dubai Abraham Mburu M00234305 Steele Hemmerich Gautam Kukreja M00292269 Ramakrishnan Ganesh M00289152 Naqqash Alavi Table of Contents Executive summary 3 Summary of Objectives 3 Major findings 3 Conclusion and recommendations 3 Problem definition 4 Research Design 5 Qualitative Research 6 Quantitative Research 7 Questionaire Design 8 Data Analysis and Results 10 Limitations 31 Executive summary Summary of Objectives Our prime objective was predominantly to help define and build a leadership brand for Middlesex University. Research groups are an elemental form of scientific collaboration and knowledge…show more content…
(Malhotra, 2007) Our primary focus here lies in determining the effectiveness and awareness of the currently existing communications network at Middlesex University and to also gain an insight on the preferences and attitudes of the students regarding the same. Research designs can be broadly labeled as exploratory, descriptive or causal. For achieving the desired answers to our current problem, exploratory research was chosen. Exploratory research designs are ones characterized by a flexible and evolving approach to understand marketing phenomena that are inherently difficult to measure. (Malhotra 2007) Some of the reasons for choosing this mode of research are; * Exploratory research is optimum for indentifying and exploring concepts in development of products or in forms of marketing communications; a primary objective for Middlesex University. * As stated by Malhotra(2007), its vital to develop an understanding of the structure of beliefs and attitudes in order to aid the interpretation of data structures which goes to invest in another primary objective; that of understanding the student’s attitudes and preferences to Middlesex University’s communications systems. * Mainly, to explore the reasons behind vivid statistical differences between different demographic groups. Due to the nature of the data sought and the fact that this remains quite an exclusive
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