Marketing Research Report

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Marketing Research Written Report MKT2210 4/26/2010 Middlesex University, Dubai Abraham Mburu M00234305 Steele Hemmerich Gautam Kukreja M00292269 Ramakrishnan Ganesh M00289152 Naqqash Alavi Table of Contents Executive summary 3 Summary of Objectives 3 Major findings 3 Conclusion and recommendations 3 Problem definition 4 Research Design 5 Qualitative Research 6 Quantitative Research 7 Questionaire Design 8 Data Analysis and Results 10 Limitations 31 Executive summary Summary of Objectives Our prime objective was predominantly to help define and build a leadership brand for Middlesex University. Research groups are an elemental form of scientific collaboration and knowledge production. Group members work…show more content…
Quantitative research is research that has been conducted for the purpose of obtaining the attitudes, behavior or performance of people in numerical form. It is designed to generate projectable numerical data about a topic. Quantitative Research is made by:- * The generation of models and theories * Development of instruments and methods for measurement like Questionnaires used in our Research * Collection of Empirical data * Modeling and analysis of data * Evaluation of results In Quantitative research the researcher or the interviewer asks questions which the respondent can answer by:- * Circling or entering a number * Tick a box * Record a word or phrase * Enter a short alphabetical code * Write down everything the respondent says In our Questionnaire we used most of these techniques. We made the respondent answer the questions in the form of Circling or entering the number and by ticking a box. We also made use of pre coding questions in our questionnaire which basically asks the respondent to tick a number to answer the question. The reasons why we used quantitative research for our research was because:- * It allows for a broader study of the subject and enhances the generalization of results. * The results are much more accurate. Quantitative methods are designed to provide summaries of data that
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