Marketing Research : The Marketing Problem / Opportunity / Issue Addressed

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Tay Yun Caroline (5006 4335) Marketing Research Concept Illustration 2 a. What was the marketing problem/opportunity/issue addressed? Give a brief description of the company and its products. To start off, Organic Juice was being brought to court by Pom Wonderful for allegedly selling “adulterated” pomegranate juice that was falsely labeled as “100% pure”. The company denied these allegations and made counterclaims that Pom advertises its product deceptively by concealing the fact that its juice is made from concentrate. It also alleged that between 2002 and 2008, Pom added elderberry juice concentrate to its "100% Pomegranate Juice.” Regarding the latter allegation, Pom admits that elderberry juice concentrate was added prior to the reconstitution phase to improve its flavor. However, the amount added was so miniscule that it would not render the "100% pomegranate juice" label inaccurate pursuant to FDA regulations. The marketing issue addressed is that Pom 's print ads often include images of its bottle without the “from concentrate” label that is on the actual bottle. Pom claimed that the label was removed in the ad because it was difficult to read on the bottle image that is reproduced in print. It also claimed that the label distracts the main message that the advertisement intends to convey. However, Organic Juice asserted that the label was removed to deceive consumers into believing that the juice was not made from concentrate. Furthermore, Pom had also created a

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