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Research Methodologies Many companies use different research tools when conducting primary and secondary research. This paper will discuss the several research tools used and discuss the differences in primary and secondary research when using qualitative and quantitative approaches. Once that has been established, there will be discussion as to which tools are used for each approach and why.
Primary Research Primary research also called field research is the most common approach. Primary research is surveys, which can include questionnaires and observation methods. These survey methods include by mail, telephone, e-mail and personal interviews. Questionnaires for research purposes are composed of questions that structured for
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Looking at exhibit 5.1 below (Mc Daniel Jr., & Gates, 2007) this is another example of Qualitative versus Quantitative research one can see that the types of questions qualitative research is based on probing to a small sample size and the information that is being gathered is substantial. Quantitative is limited probing and the sample size are large and the information that is gathered varies. Requirements for administration for qualitative is an interviewer with special skills and the analysis is subjective and interpretive. Hardware is tape recorders, projection devices, video recorders, pictures etc. Qualitative research requires interviewer with fewer special skills or not interviewer and the analysis is statistical, summation. The hardware is questionnaires, computers and printouts. The degree of replicability for qualitative is low, and for quantitative is high. Researcher training for qualitative is psychology, sociology, consumer behavior etc and quantitative research is more statistical, decision support systems, computer programming etc. Type of research for qualitative is exploratory and quantitative is descriptive or casual (Mc Daniel Jr., & Gates, 2007)


* Exhibit 5.1 obtained from (Mc Daniel Jr., & Gates, 2007)

Tools Used For Each Approach Qualitative approaches consist of focus groups, ethnographic research and in-depth interviews. Focus groups allow
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