Marketing Research and Marketing Mix

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Introduction Marketing research also known as consumer research comprises an element of applied sociological case study which focuses on understanding consumers the behaviors, notions and preferences. This mostly deals with the present and future of consumers in an economy that depends on the market. Marketing research is done by companies to study their customers and other businesses. It seeks to find the best methods of connecting with consumers and a commodity, with the expectations that the customer will buy. This involved assessing the present marketing presently being undertaken for that commodity or similar products created by the same firm. Types of marketing research mechanisms The process assists in determining how efficient the marketing campaigns are operating. This also includes studying the marketing methods used by other companies.There are two main types of marketing research mechanisms termed as B2B which means business to business, as well as business to consumer (B2C).The techniques are two diverse entities hence there is an urgent need to make use of different assessment techniques to the challenges that both the entities face (Dant & Brown 2008). The market of B2B is businesses, while B2C are customers. Despite the foundation, of both marketing strategies being the same, method of execution and the outcome strategies differ. The marketing mix of the strategies is often affected by the degree of complication in marketing using a consumer and a
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