Marketing Research on Reynolds Pen

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We are deeply indebted to Ms. Malvika Mago for her constant support guidance and inspiration in completion of the program and preparation of this document. Our sincere thanks for giving me invaluable suggestion. We are also grateful to other employee of reynolds pen for their encouragement and help. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to reynolds for giving us an opportunity to complete our project. last but not the least; we would like to thank our parents and friends for their moral support throughout the project. Contents 1. INTRODUCTION 2. Research Objectives 3. Factors Affecting Research Design  Qualitative  Quantitative 4. Research Design a.Methodology b.sampling c.Target group d.Sample Size…show more content…
 Is there any problem in design of pen.  Is there any problem in creating awareness about product Factors Affecting Research Design The factors which are affecting our research design are Qualitative and Quantitative factors. To know this we will conduct Qualitative research first because we want to know why the sales of Reynolds pen has been declining and secondly we will conduct Quantitative research to know what are the reasons behind this. RESEARCH DESIGN Research Methodology:- The type of research used for our study was an exploratory research, as the objective of the research was to have in depth understanding what are the reasons why the sales of Reynolds pen has been declining continuously . We have started our research by doing the EXPLORATORY research because in the beginning we were not aware what are the reasons for the declining sales of Reynolds .But after conducting our EXPLORATORY research we got the clear idea, what to research .Then we preceded with the CONCLUSIVE RESEARCH. However we covered a specific list of topics and sub areas. This was done in the form of close ended question, where the timing, exact wording and time allocated to each question area was left at the interviewer’s. Since the research was qualitative as well as quantitative more emphasis has to be given while collecting data. Discretion open structure ensured that inspected facts or data could peruse easily. Mode of Interviewing: In EXPLORATORY research we

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