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1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this report is to identify, analyse and evaluate the marketing factors that Whittaker’s has adopted in attempts to position themselves as a top-quality chocolate confectionery brand. In addition, this report would also be an aid to the major assignment in terms of developing detailed plans with marketing factors, data and facts.
1.2 Scope
This report will cover the background understanding about the confectionery industry and do an in-depth analysis of the micro and macro environment. In addition, the market segmentation, market positioning and target market that Whittaker’s is concerned with is also discussed.
1.3 Background

The background of this report is to ensure that Whittaker’s
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They are distribution channel firms that make sales to final customers and Whittaker’s has to improve and sustain a close relationship with these resellers as they have the biggest customer base amongst all with 45.3% patron’s, holding a substantial amount of power. As such, Whittaker’s can obtain better advantages such as getting prime product area shelf-displays. (KPMG, 2012)

4.1.3 Competitors

From the graph above, Whittaker’s market share is part of 10.9% held by other ancillary confectionaries, while the majority of 51% is owned by Cadbury, followed by Nestle and Mars with a market share of 23% and 15.1% respectively.

4.2 Macro-Environmental forces

4.2.1 Natural
The natural environment involves Cocoa beans that are needed by Whittaker’s to produce their chocolate products. Over the next few years, the world is expected to face a chocolate ‘drought’, leading to soaring prices of cocoa beans due to insufficient consumable cocoa to chocolate manufacturers. (Western farm press, 2011)

4.2.3 Cultural From the graph, cocoa farmers are severely underpaid. Under the fairtrade agreement, farmers can now receive a fair price for their cocoa. Whittaker’s has two fairtrade agreements for their dark chocolate, allowing them to paint an ethical picture of their company. This would attract consumers who are concerned about the origins of their food. (Lindsay
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