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Fish Foods Case Study


Marketing, Sales & Customer Management
Case study Write up
John Gardener

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Executive Summary

Fishy Foods is a take away restaurant that established in 2010. The company has been running well but has been they have noticed that there are less customers wanting their product. However the company is positive for the future and has been offered a bank loan from a bank manager and now have to consider what they want to do with the loan.

This paper will look through marketing in Fishy Foods, its environment, customers , segmentation, targeting and position before making a proposition for the future.

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Introduction to the report

The financial crisis that started in U.S spread and started a global financial crisis which affected many countries and after the financial crisis started came recession. The unemployment rose, salaries went down and it became a uncertainty future for people. As a result customers behaviour started to change and became more frugal in their spending and as a result the food industry to a hit because of this change.
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