Marketing, Sales, And Customer Relationship Strategies

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Sena, Tyler Spring 2016, MKTG 465 Section 2 Dr. Derby The board has hired me to consult with you, the CSI commercialization team, on the go-to market strategy and lend a hand by recommending any advice I may have in order to realize the board’s vision. I understand that the board’s strengths are not in marketing and I will be recommending any changes to the strategy, as well as any marketing best practices recommendations, straight to the board. The board wants a framework that will enable rapid growth while developing strong and sustainable customer relationships, and I will help CSI to find and establish that framework. From what I understand, the board believes that creating sustainable business is a result of strong customer relationships and knowledge and that new product development will be driven by understanding customer wants and needs, and you are absolutely correct. I will be recommending general marketing, sales, and customer relationship strategies, what customer relationship management technology or technologies that CSI can benefit from, and how those technologies can be selected and implemented in order for CSI to achieve your vision. It is great to see that CSI is taking initiative by going to trade shows and by testing their prototypes. Now that CSI has generated positive feedback from their prototype testing and generated strong interest at their trade shows from the athletic training community, you can start to dive into the industry
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