Marketing Segmentation for Rental Business

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Running head: Marketing Plan Marketing Segmentation & Product Positioning for Koolie Kool Rental Services Koolie Kool Rental Services Introduction Koolie Kool is a retailer of refrigerators, which holds inventory from manufacturers until such time as it is sold directly to customers who visit our retail locations. However, from such time as inventory is obtained until it is sold, Koolie Kool has no return on investment. As Koolie Kool holds all of the risk by buying the inventory, it is incumbent on the company to examine ways of mitigating this risk. The core of this marketing plan is that Koolie Kool creates a pre-sales rental market for its refrigerators. In doing so, Koolie Kool will achieve two goals. Firstly, it will…show more content…
lationships with local customers and market; tradition of |recession in general, is creating cost and risk aversion in consumers | |trustworthiness |who would otherwise make big-dollar purchases | |Access to large selection of inventory from refrigerator manufacturers|The spread of rental mindshare, in companies such as Netflix, has | | |created an greater willingness to rent before buying, or instead of | | |buying | |WEAKNESSES |THREATS | | | | |Limited marketing budget |Refrigerator manufacturers might decide to enter the distribution | |Lack of experience in rental market |and/or rental markets directly | |Koolie Kool management and employees may not be excited about the |Consumers might prove resistant to the idea of renting refrigerators, | |change in the business model, and may fail to

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