Marketing Segmentation of Mothercare

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Target Marketing; Mothercare
Target Marketing; Mothercare

Hafsa Asaf
Hafsa Asaf

Table of Contents Summary 2 Marketing 2 Geographic 2 Demographic/ Socioeconomic 2 Psychographic 3 Behavioral 3 Importance of Target Marketing 3 Mothercare 3 Marketing Plan Outline 3 Current Marketing Situation 4 Competitive Situation 4 Marketing Strategy 4 Target Market 4 Basic Need 4 Product 4 Price 4 Sales promotion and Advertisement 4 Distribution: 5 Markey Segmentation of Proposed Product 5 Age 5 Gender 5 Need 5 Occupation and Income 5 Ethnicity 5 Survey Analysis 5 Conclusions 6

A report is written on the marketing concept i.e. target marketing. In this report first the target marketing concept is defined and explained.
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These products range from toys, bottles to diapers and body care products. The product we have selected for this report is feeding bottles.
Competitive Situation
The baby product market is huge and thus attracted a lot of companies. Thus the market has an intense competition. Key players of baby products are Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Uniliver, Avent Dr. Brown and BornFree.
Marketing Strategy
Target Market
As Mother care is MNCs, they have targeted all the mothers (especially expectant mothers), and babies or infants. Fathers taking care of babies can also become part of target market.
Basic Need
The basic need of the market is the availability of products for the mothers that are expecting and infants and babies daily requirement to keep them healthy. The customers also require innovative products so they can better take care of their babies.
Mothercare offers a wide range of merchandise however our focus is on baby feeding bottles.
Mothercare has kept the prices of bottles low to attract customers of different income levels.
Sales promotion and Advertisement Sales promotions of Mothercare is aggressive, the company promotes its sales through advertisements, promotional prices, vouchers, codes, and fairs and seminars.
The company uses internet, T.V radio and print media for advertisements. In the advertisement, the company shows colorful themes, happy and healthy mothers and babies in order to capture the minds of the audience.
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