Marketing Sense Of Strategy : Barclays And The National Bank Of Egypt

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Marketing sense of strategy I Student Name Student ID INTRODUCTION The comparison of two different banks reflect the differentiation and common points among the locals banks of Egypt and International banks such as; Barclays and the National bank of Egypt. Barclays is considered as one of the leading multinational firm originated from United Kingdom and has operations in several different countries whereas National bank of Egypt is one of the oldest commercial banks origins from Egypt. It is considered as a universal bank with different sub categories. NBE has 338 branches within the country. The comparison of the SWOT analysis and business positions would analyze the sights and core values of both the banks. However, there might be the case that one of the two banks has more advantages and differentiation strategies over the other. The analysis would critically examine and portray the image that is being perceived by its consumers. The suggestion would be recommended in order to achieve a higher position and level in the banking industry. The critical understanding and reviewing of both the well-known banks would provide the understanding and the company profile would be compared, the operations and profile analysis would show the results and recommendations. BARCLAYS INTERNATIONAL: Barclays is a multinational company originated in London, United Kingdom. The core strategy of Barclays is to build as a transatlantic consumer, investment, and corporate banking

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