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Part 1 Dissatisfying Service incident 2 * Circumstances Leading to the Incident 2 * What Occurred During the Incident 2 * What made the Incident dissatisfying 3 * What could or should have been done differently 3

Part 2 Critical Incident Analysis 4

* The customer gap 4 * Type of encounters that occurred 4 * Source of displeasure/pleasure 4 * Dimensions of the servqual scale 5 * Reliability 5 * Responsiveness 5 * Assurance 5 * Empathy 6
Provider gap 1 The listening gap 6 * Inadequate service recovery 6
Provider gap 2 Service designs & standard gap 6 * Poor service design 6
Provider gap
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After one hour of trying to figure out what was happening to my business, I was more confused than ever.
I sent an email to EBay the day after trying to enquire why my store was cancelled and EBay replied back with an automated email with information that was not relevant to my case.

What made the Incident dissatisfying * There was no customer support system set up in Australia. * Customer had to contact service support in America. * Communication was really poor, no reply was made on EBay’s behalf through phone or email. * The operator was rude and lacked communication skills. * No service recovery was in place, or customers weren’t provided with another option. * Level of attention was low, the operator didn’t care and showed frustration really easily.

What could or should have been done differently
This whole incident could have been prevented if there was actually a customer service support based in Australia, or if EBay actively replied to customers regarding their specific issues, instead of replying via an automated email system that sent out generic responses. The operator could have handled the situation much more efficiently, instead of letting the situation control her attitude. It seems that EBay had no recovery strategy in place to combat these complex issues and they only rely on a computer system to solve problems that require
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