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Marketing via social media is one of the most common things we face today. There are ads for many different companies on every social media outlet and because of the way the internet is wired, usually it is a product that you have just contemplated purchasing. In an academic journal titled, “Social Media, Social Me: A Content Analysis of Beauty Companies’ Use of Facebook in Marketing and Branding,” Bin Shen and Kimberly Bissell of the University of Alabama take a look into, “How beauty brands employ social media, particularly Facebook, to increase brand awareness and reinforce brand loyalty.” In doing so, their research asked six questions which are the following: RQ1) “What re the most popular and engaging post types on the Facebook pages of the six beauty brands: Estee Lauder, MAC Cosmetics, Clinique, L’Oréal, Maybelline, and Cover Girl? How do these posts engage their Facebook fans?” RQ2 asked, “What kind of promotion techniques do the six beauty brands use on their Facebook pages? How do these techniques engage their Facebook fans?” RQ3 asked, “How do the six beauty brands use the apps of like, share, and comment on their Facebook pages to nurture their community? What kind of methods do the six beauty brands use on their Facebook pages in particular to deliver their product messages?” RQ4 asked, “How do the six beauty brands develop and share their calendar? Furthermore, does each company use its calendar emphasizes the events in the past, in the future, or at the…

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