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How is social marketing different The initial formal definition depicts social marketing as '...calculated to influence the acceptability of social ideas and involving considerations of product planning, pricing, communication, distribution and marketing research ' (Kotler and Zaltman, 1971, p. 5 in Andreason 1994, p. 109). In 'Marketing Social Marketing in the Social Change Marketplace ' Andreasen argues that the given definition does not outline the essence – social behavioural change. In his words, the acceptance of an idea alone does not guarantee the success of influencing behaviour. The latest interpretation of The International Social Marketing Association solves that problem by stating the outcome explicitly. (2013). The whole…show more content…
For instance, in Scotland drinking alcohol is forbidden on public places, buying drinks is overly expensive and restricted to specific hours. In this regard, while the technological approach consists of using modern means for reducing the need or the consequences of drinking (e.g. remote access to treatment, non­alcoholic beer), the economical solution is to raise the raise the private cost of drinking alcohol. On the other hand, social marketing recognises that we are self-serving beings and, therefore, the approach to a problem should be consumer-centred. To put it more simply, the best way for me to achieve what I want is to assure you that it is in your best interest (Marketing Theory, p. 310, 2003). As a result, the question asked by marketers is shifted from 'what is wrong with these people, why won 't they understand? ' to 'what is wrong with us. What don 't we understand about our target audience? ' ( 'A Synopsis of Social Marketing ', 1999). The more recent change in thinking was achieved by applying the social exchange theory (Housten and Gassenheimer, 1987) to social marketing. The conclusion of Hastings and Saren (2003) is that change in social behaviour requires beneficial output in return. The resulting problem is that in social marketing the benefit is not always apparent or at least not immediately. For
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