Marketing Space(Digital) & Place(Physical) Essay

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Temeca DeCosey
February 28, 2011

Marketing is extremely important in any business. As stated in Mullins & Walker (2010), “marketing involves decisions crucial to the success of every organization, whether large or small, profit or nonprofit, manufacturer, retailer, or service firm.” (p. 4). In this new economy and web-savvy age that we are living in, companies must be able to have not just a physical place for the organization but a digital space for it as well to compete with their online competitors and to shift themselves into the global market that is accessible, available, marketable and viable in every way from exposure, to selling new products, to being the trail blaze with a product or in a certain …show more content…

Behavioral attributes range from the customers’ needs (who needs what), product usage and purchase influence (what types of products they purchase and who buys for homes), Lifestyle (what people purchase based on the life they are living) to organizational behavioral attributes which deals with purchasing structure and the situation under which organizations buy things. Their behavioral attributes may determine if the location is something they feel comfortable with. Finally there are the geographical segments of marketing, it looks at location. According to Mullins & Walker (2010), “Different locations or regions vary in their sales potential, growth rates, customer needs, cultures, climates, service needs and competitive structures as well as purchase rates for a variety of goods.” (p. 184). Based on the location, they know where to market and where not to market as to not waste their money by going against big competitors. This segmentation focuses on both customer and organization and tries to be wise in marketing in locations where customers and clients will likely be than unlikely be because of distance. (Mullins & Walker 2010 p. 184). This can be very crucial when dealing with physical place because location as this point can make or break the business and product or service that is being marketed. On the contrary with digital space, it can be conducted

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