Marketing Stragety - Cobra Beer V/S Kingfisher

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Executive Summary: In this project, I have compared the analysis, existing marketing strategies and recommend the future strategy for both products which Cobra Beer and Kingfisher Beer. The aim of this report is to compare both of the products in the UK market and to get the future forecast that where both of the products have place in the market. The reason I have chosen those products is just because I am working for Cobra Beer head office and I wasn’t difficult for me to get the information for the company’s product I am working for. As far Kingfisher Beer is concern, I have really put my efforts searching for there marketing analysis and their strategies. For that I have consult many website and read plenty of articles related to…show more content…
Soon afterwards, the sight of bullock carts carrying huge barrels or 'Hog's heads' containing beer became a household sight. These carts wheeled their way to the customers, including British troops, living in and around Madras, Bangalore and the Nilgiris. Almost immediately, the brew from UB became a favourite, especially with the British troops. So began the history of Beer in India. And the history of Beer Division of United Breweries! The company was bought by late Mr. Vittal Mallya in 1947, and since then has never looked back. Today each one of the 32,000 Beer outlets in India sells one brand or the other from United Breweries. Market Demographics The profile for Kingfisher Premium Beer consists of the following geographic, demographic and behaviour factors: Demographics • Male and female. • Ages 25-65 • Those who drink beer when in a bar or restaurant SWOT Analysis The following SWOT analysis captures key strengths and weaknesses within the company and describes the opportunities and threats facing the Kingfisher Premium Beer. 2.2.1 Strengths • Kingfisher Premium Beer is one of the oldest beer brand as it got the biggest market shares in Indian restaurant. • People are aware of kingfisher worldwide. It is a hit in Caribbean, India and other part of the world. 2.2.2 Weaknesses • Kingfishers marketing strategy is very poor as compare with the competitor in UK. • State

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