Marketing Strategic Planning : Marketing Strategy

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2.4 MARKETING STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS Marketing strategic planning is a management tool to help the organization does better work and understand how to compete for the future. It is a guiding process for the members of an organization developing them necessary procedures and operations in the future. Like a decisions strategy for the organization process, as the process of growing and maintaining a strategic fit between target of organization and capability and it’s changing marketing opportunities (Kotler, 2009). It involves defining a clear company mission, setting supporting goals, designing a sound business portfolio, and coordinating functional strategies. Mission statement: a statement of the organization’s purpose, what it wants to achieve in the large environment (Kotler, 2009). In the first step of strategic planning process, it will supports company to thinking the question like: What is our business? Who is the customer? What do consumer value? What should our business be? (Kotler, 2009) with those questions, that will be acts as a guide that provides a vision and direction for the company until future. Goals setting have a mission that needs to be detailed supporting the goals into each level of management. It will leads to specific business and marketing objectives. The objectives need to be specific. It can be developed the company market strategy. From the strategic planning process, the case company will be easily to identify the elements for the
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