Marketing Strategies - Breakfast Cereals in Australia

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Introduction Healthy Co. Pty Ltd is a food processing organisation located in Queensland, Australia. ‘Nutri Mix’ breakfast cereal is the product developed by the company for this market and it’s focused on nutrition and healthy life choices. The initial research was focused on six local macro-environment factors that could potentially impact the product. The factors in favour of marketing such a product on the Australian market reside in an aging population as proportion of total population, forcing the government to focus on nutrition as a means to slow down health care expenses (IGR, 2004); the local market being a stable and developed one; the country’s technological development enabling advanced marketing and logistics techniques; and…show more content…
The company is aiming to increase product awareness through intensive targeted promotional campaigns over a period of 6 months. The target market refers to the senior consumers and children. Thus, the promotional campaigns will target female adults fitting the mother profile, seniors and nutrition consultants. The product awareness will be increased via multiple channels, both with above the line and below the line sales promotions. The company also wishes to reach a market share of 5% from the breakfast cereal segment within the first 6 months of launching the product on the Australian market. This segment is dominated by Kellogg’s, which is also one of the largest breakfast cereal marketers worldwide. However, most of the products in this category are not very healthy. A study made by CHOICE on 152 breakfast cereals suggested that “Most breakfast cereals contain far too much sugar, salt or both to be healthy choices for everyday eating, while cereals aimed at kids can be among the worst for nutrition” (CHOICE, 2009). The marketing mix Product This strategy pays respect to the characteristics of the final product, namely the extent to which it matches the customer requirements, the quality, the brand name, functionality, styling, safety, packaging, warranty, reparations & support and accessories & services ( (a)). The same CHOICE study mentioned previously identified 4 dimensions that Healthy Co. Pty Ltd should
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