Marketing Strategies

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Successful companies study their competitors as closely as they do their customers. Analyzing and evaluating competition helps management decide where to compete and how to position against the competition in each market margin. The changing patterns of global competition require continuous analysis of competing forces. Business and marketing strategies need to take advantage of opportunities and to avoid threats. Market leaders and competitors cannot fulfill their executive role unless customer’s needs and desires are understood and satisfied.
Strategic marketing is creating a plan to better reach and satisfy customer while increasing profitability and productivity. Competition strategy is an important strategic planning process to
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Econet’s main product is buddie which is a prepaid package which was build with a strategic intent from the beginning. Buddie has about twelve exciting value added services. Whilst Netone’s product Easycall has only six value added services.
Pricing of mobile service is based on cost plus and one minute charges is 24c on billing second as approved the POTRAZ. However the cost mobile service is high in Zimbabwe as compared to regional prices.
Porter’s generic strategy analysis differentiate strategy attempts to achieve a competitive advantage by creating services that are perceived as unique. Econet has a big market share of 70% due to its better services and good network coverage. The major differentiator to Netone is Econet’s ability to provide a number of the value added services such as ecocash, econetmail, among others. Econet has a brand image in the mind of public due to their willingness to provide best services. Netone is failing to invent new product features to compete with econet.
Low cost leadership strategy, Econet is providing low cost services in value added services under buddie for example txt service allows buddies to chat on the internet, even if the subscribers also not have an internet connection or smart phone which Netone easy call supplementary value added services are all accessible on smart phones. Econet is also selling its buddie lines
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