Marketing Strategies For A Competitive Business Environment Essay

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Introduction Mauritius is part of the globalised world and the fast food industry has gradually started to take a foothold in the small island nation. The fast food franchises form part and parcel of the products necessary in today’s culture and lifestyle. The convenience they provide enhances people’s productivity and their lives. However, considering the ever-increasing competitive business environment, it is necessary to adequately evaluate the appropriate marketing approach to enable effective competition. An effective marketing strategy guarantees that a new entrant into the Mauritian market can be adaptive and respond to the evolving market conditions thus ensuring that they stand out from the rest and consequently thrive. Effective marketing strategies enable a franchise to efficiently respond to the increased demand for fast food product offerings and eventually leads to the increase in its market share. For this purpose, Chick-Fil-A already being a leader in markets it has already set up shop with innovative products like the boneless chicken breast sandwich, it can offer a fresh fast food experience to the Mauritian fast food customers. Kentucky Fried Chicken has already been in the Mauritian Fast food industry since 1983. Hence, Chick-Fil-A would be a relatively new product in the Market, and a proper evaluation of the external market factors is necessary. The external market analysis would provide insight into the opportunities and threats that the entry of

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