Marketing Strategies For An Organization Manager

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Chief financial manager

They are responsible for finance, they supervise and review the company’s finances status. The have to keep accurate records of Adidas’ financial status and report it back to the organisation manager.

Marketing manager

They create marketing campaigns based on results they get from many consumers needs and wants. They find out how to best advertise the product and implements it, by either verbally or non-verbally. After discovering what consumers want, they develop and implement marketing strategies with other professionals in a team.

Middle managers

Human resources manager

They are responsible for employing staff, they train employees to make them reach their full potential and they communicate all the company’s policies, values and mission statements.

Assistant managers

They assist the manger with their tasks and they become a role model for all employees by dealing with customer problems and questions. They also oversee employees and review them to see if they are doing their job correctly and if not they have the permission to fire them.

Store manger

They are responsible for getting stock in and filling the shelves with it. They also responsible for supervising staff and reviewing their working attitudes and communications between consumers.

Human Resources: recruitment and training

They offer a wide-ranging management-training program to all employees across the adidas group. This includes professional training for…
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