Marketing Strategies For An Organization Manager

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Chief financial manager They are responsible for finance, they supervise and review the company’s finances status. The have to keep accurate records of Adidas’ financial status and report it back to the organisation manager. Marketing manager They create marketing campaigns based on results they get from many consumers needs and wants. They find out how to best advertise the product and implements it, by either verbally or non-verbally. After discovering what consumers want, they develop and implement marketing strategies with other professionals in a team. Middle managers Human resources manager They are responsible for employing staff, they train employees to make them reach their full potential and they communicate all the…show more content…
The footwear comes in various designs and styles, Adidas’ footwear is athletic and strong. Adidas’ secondary item is clothing and accessories for any sport, items like T-Shirts, jackets and shorts that are in great demand. Adidas is strong in footwear and is strong at producing clothing and accessories. The aim of Adidas is to end the desires of consumers by offering them shoes with a combination of great design and highly advanced technology. The main target is sports and the clothing and accessories is frequently brought by consumers. Price Adidas uses price skimming on its products and competitive pricing keeping in mind of competitors such as Nike and Puma. Skimming is when Adidas first releases a product it is very expensive and then lowers the price overtime. Adidas constantly use skimming price and clothing is higher priced due to the brand equity of Adidas in the clothing and accessories market. The target market is the upper middle class and customers think that a higher price will mean better quality. Thus, Adidas rarely drops its prices. Place Adidas sells through retail outlets an Adidas has its own exclusive stores where material is provided directly from its company. Also, many multi brand stores have Adidas clothing, shoes and accessories on their shelves for consumer to purchase, these products are distributed by Adidas themselves. The third place
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