Marketing Strategies For Developing Market Strategies

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Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to investigate that what is marketing & what is the process involved in developing market strategies .So we will also try to find out what are the different options available in developing marketing strategies .Marketing itself can be defined as group of customers, consumers, clients and the distinction between want and need, from the perspective of Product and service functionality, dependence and performance Perception, ownership and use Value and meaning Branding, brand value and competitive advantage Marketing communications Projection of ideas and concepts to target markets. So throughout the assignment as marketing manager we will try to find out how to develop marketing strategies. Learning outcome 1 Understand the principles of strategic marketing management 1.1 discussion of the role of strategic marketing in an organisation Strategic Marketing is a process of creating superior customer value resulting in the creation of superior shareholder value and a sustainable competitive advantage” Diasz (2012). A marketing strategy consists of an internally integrated but externally focused set of choices about how the organization addresses its customers in the context of a competitive environment. A strategy has five elements: it deals with where the organization plans to be active; how it will get there; how it will succeed in the marketplace; what the speed and sequence of moves will be; and how the organization will obtain
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