Marketing Strategies For Everyday Farmers As Well As Bigger Agricultural Organizations

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In 1988, Richard E. Lyng (secretary of Agriculture), and Deborah Takiff Smith (Editor for this yearbook) put together this yearbook of Agricultural articles based around the marketing of agriculture. This book lists strategies for everyday farmers as well as bigger agricultural organizations. Richard E. Lyng was a U.S administrator for agriculture and served under Reagan’s presidency, as a part of the Republican Party representatives. As the secretary he served between the years of 1986-1988. He was qualified for this position because in the 1950’s he became the president of Ed. J. Lyng Co., which happened to be his father’s company, which happened to be a seed and bean processing company. That is based on certain marketing techniques and strategies.
While this is an extensive collection of different writers and ideas, this book is broken down into seven different categories, and the ideas are dispersed based on their individual content. The first main category discusses marketing in a changing world. The five pieces that are combined in this category discuss the marketing challenges that each industry faces and how the industries communicate with each other about the quality of a certain product.
The second category goes on to discuss the marketing strategies which are more useful towards agricultural markets. It discusses what it takes to develop a successful set of strategies and if those strategies do not work, then the marketers for the farmers have to have a set of…
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