Marketing Strategies For Gucci 's Perfume

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The marketing strategies seem to be about the same for all perfume commercials and advertisements. Most start out with a physically attractive woman and men, moving in relatively slow motion, endorsing the sex appeal behind each perfume. The same can be said for Gucci’s perfume, “Flora.” These two perfumes continue to compete with Chanel No. 5 for popularity, going back and forth from year to year. The biggest different between the three products is price. Chanel prides themselves on being elite and exclusive, meaning their products are priced in such a way that not everyone can afford the brand. With that in mind, Chanel No. 5 is by the far the most expensive of the three perfumes. J’adore comes in at a close second, with its prices being…show more content…
In sum, their primary target market is wealthy females from the ages of 30-60 but does cover a bit larger gap when talking about makeup and perfume. SWOT Analysis Strengths. Chanel has a multitude of strengths, starting with their long-standing reputation. When a company has a reputation for good quality, it boosts their sales and brand loyalty by purchasers. With that, Coco Chanel is what most would call the pioneer of luxury fashion (Chanel SWOT Analysis). Her work inspired what our female clothing throughout the world is today, and for that reason Chanel is respected by many. Another strength is the timeless design of all Chanel work. By creating a brand so classic, people are willing to pay the luxury prices for a product sure to outlast the passing trends. There are 350 Chanel boutique stores throughout the world, not including the department stores that product is sold in (Chanel Boutiques Around the World, 2016). With so many locations in so many countries, Chanel is about as diverse as you could get, geographically speaking. A final strength that Chanel possess is their range of products. The brand covers anywhere from clothing to skin care lines, allowing purchasers to use Chanel for all of their beauty needs. Weakness. A big weakness for Chanel is the rather stiff competition (Chanel SWOT Analysis). Other luxury brands work just a hard to keep their status as Chanel. Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci maintain a relatively similar reputation as

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