Marketing Strategies For Samsung Electronics

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Introduction The contemporary global marketing environment is largely influenced by market related forces such as globalization, competition, changes in consumers’ tastes and requirements, technology etc, causing pressure on marketers to be highly strategic so as to stay competitive and to survive in the marketing landscape. For this, marketers have to constantly scan and audit the environment that their marketing activities are concerned with. Marketers use different strategic tools to analyze their micro, macro and internal analysis of the marketing environment. This report contains three sections. First part will analyze and evaluate the dynamics and trends in the smartphone industry and the strategic implications to Samsung…show more content…
Large web-players have been seeking to embrace the advantages of smartphones since the public around that world have almost shifted from using PCs to smartphones for most of their daily uses such as file-transfer, web-surfing, email, social media and communication and so on. Smartphones, as a result, have become a significant channel for extending business models in advertising and retail businesses (CCS Insight, 2014). Strong end-user demand and wide varieties of designs have propelled Smartphone sales to grow in to an unpredicted state. The worldwide smartphone industry has grown to 28.2 percent in the last quarter of 2014 over the same period of 2013. In 2014, it was accounted that a total of 377.5million units of smartphones was shipped. Until the end of 2010, it was Nokia that maintained a very clear lead in the mobile handset market. From 2010 to 2012, it was Apple that maintained a strong leadership in the mobile handset market, with its launch of iPhones. Since 2012 until today, Samsung has been leading the market with 25.3 percent market share as of second quarter in 2014 (Triggs, 2014). (See Appendix-1 for the illustration of smartphone market share) As of the first quarter in 2015, Samsung leads the market
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