Marketing Strategies For Starbucks Marketing Communication Essay

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4.2 SMART “Portable Starbucks” marketing campaign Smart marketing communication also could be defined as per following figure Source The SMART objective details refer to Appendix 1 5 Marketing Communications strategy Marketing strategy refers to the process of carrying out segmentation, positioning and targeting (Kerins, 2009). STP approach for Starbucks marketing communication addressed as following: 5.1 Segmentation It is a process of subdividing a market into buyers’ distinct group with different characteristics, needs or behaviour that might require marketing programs or separate products (Amstrong and Kolter 2006) The segmented markets are male and female between 18-50 years old middle class like the high standard lifestyle, or young generation people who is interested on new tings and their behavioral more easily influenced by friend and others. 5.2 Targeting Targeting is a follow on process from segmentation, and is the process of actually determining the select markets and planning the advertising media used to make the segment appealing.(Levens, Michael 2012) Starbucks bottled coffee drink targeted mainly on:  Urban white-collar and business people, who is busy with everyday life, drinking coffee is their lifestyle. Portable ready to drink product meet their need when they are at home, on the way to trip, have party with friends at home etc.  The 80s young and middle-aged generation become mainstream consumer. The young men and

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