Marketing Strategies For The Business Strategy For 2015

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1.0 Executive Summary

F! Publishing is a young and coming media agency situated in the East End of London. In the business strategy for 2015 it was decided to launch a completely new project – Fidèle Magazine. Digital migration of readers to the online platforms has been one of the factors of print magazine circulation decline and the reason for companies to invest more money into digital marketing (Hucker, 2014).

1.1 Business Plan Aims

This business plan carries out a detailed proposal of the launch of the new magazine in the publishing industry, results of the market research for the target readership and marketing strategies for the launch.

2.0 Company Summary (Introduction)

Fidèle Magazine is a publication that wants to deliver information about fashion matters and lifestyle, make the audience aware of sexism issues, rights of women and break the usual standards of women, which our society has implemented. The fashion shoots and editorials intend to have a different approach than other fashion magazines. The magazine intends to satisfy the readership with a precise concern in fashion, women empowerment and events – written in a highly amplified manner ensuring phenomenal content is provided at all times. «Fidèle» means loyal and faithful in French and that is what the magazine wants to be for its readers and vice versa. The magazine will be a biannual printed publication which will have an inside code that will allow its readers to log in to an online version of
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