Marketing Strategies For The Home Depot Campaign

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The Home Depot campaign will utilize Pinterest as the primary media outlet to achieve media objectives. Pinterest has a strong following in the female demographic with “more than 70 million users, who are female,” (Helmrich, 2015). As of January 2015, “22 percent of U.S. Pinterest users were between 25 and 34 years old. The second-largest user group was 35 to 44 year olds with a 21.3 percent share,” (Distribution of Pinterest users, 2015). Pinterest user’ actions fall into three categories depending on how they interact with the site, “ discovering things, saving things or taking action on something like clicking through and making a purchase,” (Morrison, 2015). The objective of our campaign is to interact with women discovering our Home Depot page with pins and projects, saving DIY and construction project ideas and calling them to action to buy personalized items for their projects with online incentives. Pinterest is an effective medium to reach approximately 43% of the target audience of women ages 30-40 in the working mom segment which, is between the first and second highest Pinterest user categories. Marketers interested in Pinterest have two options for investing in their marketing efforts. First, “ ‘cost-per engagement’ pricing under which a marketer will only pay when the user signals some sort of intent toward the brand, like a re-pin, a click through to a marketers website,” (Morrison, 2015). Second, for marketers interested in driving action…
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