Marketing Strategies For The Service Services

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Marketing Strategies Our focus and marketing message will be the services offered. We will develop our message, communicate it, and fulfill our commitment to excellence.
Websites and Mobile Applications
Many hotels have created their own website and mobile applications. It is definitely something to consider if a large portion of our target market uses smart phones and computers. We will therefore customize our hotel mobile application and website. Guests will easily find all important information, such as hours for check in, location, the room descriptions, upcoming events and they will be able to take a virtual tour, make reservations, and view the various activities and amenities available, perfume stores, attractions and dining menus.
Online Discounts
Many hotels and hotel chains offer special rates for online or smartphone bookings. Online bookings save the time and effort of a real person at the hotel who must answer the phones and take the reservation. We tend to attract younger customers who are more tech savvy and who have a long life filled with future hotel stays to come. We will use online discounts as a means of building long-term relationships with our clients.
Social Media Advertising
The first advertising scheme that will be implemented is to create Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts, and a personalized website. More and more, technology is affecting where guests choose to stay, dine and have a good time. Social media represents a big part
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