Marketing Strategies In Marketing

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Marketing is an extremely dynamic and challenging field. There are numerous large organizations, medium and small-sized enterprises and self-employed, home-based businesses that engage in marketing and promotional activities that would help them promote their products and services and attract customers.
Keeping the number of potential marketers in mind, it is evident that businesses have to create a differential advantage through their marketing activities. Innovation and creativity are two very important components of marketing, without which most marketing strategies are likely to fail.
Marketing mediums, tools, promotional strategies and consumer needs and wants change constantly. In order to penetrate any market segment and to grab
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Creating word-of-mouth buzz through personalities that have a significant influence on consumer perceptions and decisions will also be an important element of marketing in 2018.

4. Live Streaming and Visual Marketing: While there is no doubt that content is extremely important in marketing, today's consumer is drawn to videos and images. The biggest advantage of using videos is that they enable marketers to immediately connect with their audience. Videos are also more effective at conveying emotion and provide more depth to your marketing message. With such rapid improvement in technology, businesses can now live stream videos and connect with their target market in real time. Statistics show that more than 1 billion people use YouTube regularly. Live streaming on YouTube is thus an excellent way to market your products and services. Facebook Live is another similar platform and enables you to live stream your marketing message on the world's biggest social media network.

5. Personalized Marketing: This will be a game-changer in 2018. Consumers are so sick and tired of being bombarded with promotional messages and advertisements, they have begun to block anything that does not attract them instantly. By using personalized marketing, businesses can target their customers on an individual level. This will not only allow them to filter out irrelevant messages but will also help them capture their customer's attention and engage them with content and information that
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