Marketing Strategies Of Ford Motor Essay

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Marketing Ford Motor started to align its marketing strategies with the company 's drive for the "One Ford" concept where it unites the different regional units to create common global products that share the parts, design, and engineering to promote a single Ford brand (Ford, 2013), In terms of marketing, Ford uses the conventional marketing channels and techniques including the following: advertising, personal selling, direct selling, sales promotions, public relations. Its advertising relies heavily on television and online advertisements as well as its agents in Ford dealerships. Through utilization mass media, different commercials are broadcasted in different regions and markets while sending a consistent message based on the promotion strategy. Promotions in the visual media like the internet and television have been a huge success along with promotions in print media like magazines and newspaper. The various vehicles have been exhibited at exhibitions, events and malls. Sales As for as the sales figures go for 2015, most of the sales distribution are in the United States(40%), with China next in line with (17.5%). European sales also make up about a quarter of the company 's total sales (Corporate Ford, 2015). Ford Motor company reported revenue of about 10.8 Billion USD of pre-tax profit from the automotive sector. Most of the revenue comes from its North America sector (Corporate Ford, 2015). OM Critical Activities Managing Quality Managing quality
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