Marketing Strategies Of The Energlide Technology Corp

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The EnerGlide Technology Corp in Kelowna is a company that has provided safe and reliable watercraft for leisure activities for by utilizing innovative and eco-friendly technologies. We are seeking for more channels of distribution, and more investment to fund the growth of our brand. This plan below introduces our market, our core technologies and marketing strategies. The detailed financial plans show a clear view of our previous sales and profit forecasts. The latest attraction of our company are “electric drive technoglogy and breakthrough streamlined hull design to maximize power efficiency and enjoyment for the operator and passengers”.(, which means we will hold a competitive and impressive…show more content…
This product is produced at our contract facilities in Kelowna. Production of watercrafts will be managed and transported to sell in our contract stores. Our price setting is based on the materials and will be positioned to a reasonable market price.
1.3 Market opportunity The EnerGlide Corp. will occupy an important market position in entertainment equipment area. Not many brands can offer products that combine eco-friendly features and entertainment equipment together. The local watercraft market in Kelowna has seen the growth of consumption of equipments for exploring the ocean. Not only the local market, we can expand it to the whole province, the whole country or even overseas. There are tremendous opportunities for our company as one of the dominant providers in this area. In order to establish an important brand in this area, we have three steps to follow :
“1. Clear, consistent messaging, across all platforms 2. A rock solid market position 3. Everything in your business must support your market position” (Wardell,2015)
1.4 Financial projections In order to ensure the production line of our watercrafts, an initial outlay is required for our
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