Marketing Strategies Of The Energy Drink Manufacturers

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The primary purposes of the energy drink manufacturers are the making of the excellent products and adapting them to the target groups. The basic question is how to impress the young customers and make them be loyal to the products after they consume them (Aaker and Joachimsthaler 2000) This is the essential objective which can be accomplished by using the rightful strategies. The effective marketing strategies were applied by the marketers so as to overcome the business competitors. When an organization desires to distribute their goods to the buyers, they need to reach the highest market share and send the best things to the clients. This vital circumstance is called the brand success. The strategies, making consumers satisfied require understanding the products and the customers’ behaviours. Moreover, the company should aware that clients’ relationship between goods and lifestyle must not be paradoxical. This essay will discuss three strategies that the energy drink companies use to apply to their products to become popular with adolescents. Pricing is a major strategy. It has been used by energy drink producers in order to break into the teenage market. Aaker and Joachimsthaler (2000) stated that immature populations are the people who receive a few budgets and also depend on their parents. It represents that they are the low-purchasing power groups. Owing to their innocence, they have a lot of self-passion and lack of reasons in sometime. They always think about

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