Marketing Strategies Of The Walt Disney Company

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Nicholas Pavick, Tucker Bentley , Giana Labanca
Qiyu Zhang
October 29, 2014

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For Team Six’s Project, we have analyzed the marketing strategies of, The Walt Disney Company, using some concepts, models, and frameworks that we have learned in class. In this project/paper we have addressed in our power point presentation, the following issues: the product/service’s basic information, a description of the product/service’s marketing strategy, our own analysis of the firm’s marketing practices, and our recommendations to improve the effectiveness of marketing.
To start, our group divided the workload evenly among our group members. We broke down company history & competitors, core business, marketing strategies, marketing promotions, and marketing ethics into five equal parts, one for each member. As for the timeline for completing this project, we have met once a week (Every Saturday) to discuss each deliverable. We have given ourselves enough time before the due date to break up the work evenly amongst the group. Finally, once completing the paper, we all met for a final time as a group to fix any errors or make any necessary changes before turning in the deliverable. For this final paper we have combined all five of our parts to provide a thorough presentation and paper using the concepts, models, and frameworks that we…

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