Marketing Strategies Start Time End Time Team Essay

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5. An action plan for implementing the marketing strategies and using a project planning tool such as a GANTT chart or PERT chart. The action plan should identify timelines and roles and responsibilities foryour team members (see Part B) and that will be discussed and confirmed at the briefing (Part C). Selected marketing strategies Start time End time Team members roles and responsibilities establishing strategic relationships with companies that have similar demographics Start at 1 January 31 march Project manager "grassroots" methods coupon for friend Start at 1 January End of February Receptionist Advertising and promotion: Start at 1 January – 31 December Project manager Gantt Chart: Promotions Result of promotion lead to sales volume Membership 5% discount +5% All bakery 15% off between 4-5pm +9% Special events and holidays offer +13% free wifi Others Jan-Feb March-Apr May-Jun Jul-Aug Sep-Oct Nov-Dec 6. A proposed communication strategy throughout the implementation of the marketing activities. Your communication strategy should ensure that all team members are kept informed of each other’s activities.  draft an email, formal letter or other written response: Hi This is for every member of Triple A team, We are planning to have a review of staff job description on 15th December ( Sunday). A schedule will be attached with this email and person who won’t be able to make it at the date please inform or reply ASAP.
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