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Week 2 In modern-day society the use of technology, such as computers, is inevitable. The big guys today are Apple, Acer and Dell. They all produce the same kind of product, but each offer a different value. Apple, for example, offers the value of quality, customs, standards, and principles in which the company believes. They present us the basis for what we do and how we do our everyday tasks. Apple is identified as an unique company. The Acer Group promises the value of being innovative, fast and effective. Dell is demonstrating its values through corporate citizenship. They all play an important role in the technological environment. Microenvironment forms the feeder, as well as the killer in this industry. Competitors are each other’s killers. The products might be improving, but as long as there is that one product on the market with the aptitude to live up to the consumer’s needs and wants, other products won’t sell. A company like Apple will use the life share value strategy to hold on to the once gained aptitude. Apple has developed several products that can all be used together in a very efficient way. This way you will not only be an iMac user but also an iPhone user, because both products work well together. A retail chain can exert a lot of power over a supplier. This produces the benefits of having a product with all-time quality, but it also excludes suppliers from the market. Week 3 Marketers will always try to find a perfect strategy to influence the

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