Marketing Strategies for a Marketing Information Business

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Running head: Marketing strategies Marketing Strategies for a Marketing Information Business Abstract In this paper, we will develop a marketing strategy for a marketing information business that would consist of a main manager. This manager can either choose to conduct the business solely by itself or it can hire others, depending on the enormous tasks this manager would face it is wise to focus on teamwork here. Other things which would be emphasized here include the name, location and nature of the business, self analysis, customer analysis, and analysis of primary competitors and the study of marketing environment. Name, Location and Nature For our business firm, we have chosen the name of 'Marketing Solutions'. This title is easy for everyone to remember and it also clearly defines the aims, objectives and principles of our firm. The location of the business should be at the business centre of the city i.e. some place from where it is easy to contact other businesses as well as making itself easily available for other businesses. As for the nature of the business it is quite clear that we intend to offer marketing information to other business which is relative to their interest, it is therefore extremely important to be in proper coordination with those businesses in order to correctly know what they want and the exact contents of their desire. Self analysis "It is extremely important to analyze our skills, competencies and abilities as a business firm first
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