Marketing Strategies in Las Vegas

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Product Branding Las Vegas Style Las Vegas is one of the nation’s favorite points of interest for vacationing. It’s a 24-hour/ 365 day a year city where anything is possible. With Las Vegas being a loved past-time and where dreams of striking it rich can came true, there is another side that no one bothers to mention, the reality side. Las Vegas has many attractions and more casinos than any other place in the world. They offer entertainment for the whole family, unique marriages, and most recently plenty of activities for children. Which means that companies must position themselves to be continuously communicative to their potential consumers, including the kids (Kotler, 2010, p. 210). Which also leads me to think that Las…show more content…
So with this Virtual Vegas, consumers Las Vegas experience without leaving their homes and it also shows a different feature of the actual product. The quality of service is a little different but the brand named items and packaging (along with prices) still were the same.(2005, Vol.2). With this new line of service, the need to sell the products effectively they must take into consideration the effect that the packaging should have on the customers and the way in which displays of this particular product are arranged. A good idea would be to have their town covered with riches on the cover or something similar to encourage people to look and to buy the product and not be considered with the price of the product.(Kotler, 2010, p.191). The marketers have generated a newsletter that they also use to target potential vacationers, with emphasizing the choice to come to Vegas or Stay at home with Virtual Vegas. Overall it can be said that Las Vegas ' product brand is an existing one, with line extension, public and personal branding the possibilities are endless. They utilize many multi-brands with the hotels and casinos being in the same package. Yet there are many different forms of market

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