Marketing Strategies of Tata Motors

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Marketing strategies of TATA motors is one of the most successful marketing strategies
in automobile industry. By looking at the SWOT analysis of Tata Motors, you will
know why Tata Motors Company is able to produce more than 4 million different types
of vehicles such asc a r s, trucks, commercial vehicles, 4├ù4ÔǪetc since the company began
in 1945. Meanwhile, Tata Motors Limited has also become the largest automobile
producer in India market.
Marketing strategies of Tata
What makes the marketing strategy so successful?
1. Product, Branding, and Advertising
Every business started from 0, from no one knows it until everyone know it. Advertising
is one of the most common ways to make car buyer or car enthusiast aware of the
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For example, the Fiat
Palio Style was launched by Tata in 2007, and the companies have an
agreement to build a pick-up targeted at Central and South America.
The company's passenger car products are based upon 3rd and 4th
generation platforms, which put Tata Motors Limited at a disadvantage
with competing car manufacturers.
Despite buying the Jaguar and Land Rover brands (see opportunities
below); Tat has not got a foothold in the luxury car segment in its
domestic, Indian market. Is the brand associated with commercial vehicles
and low-cost passenger cars to the extent that it has isolated itself from
lucrative segments in a more aspiring India?
One weakness which is often not recognised is that in English the word
'tat' means rubbish. Would the brand sensitive British consumer ever buy
into such a brand? Maybe not, but they would buy into Fiat, Jaguar and
Land Rover (see opportunities and strengths).
In the summer of 2008 Tata Motor's announced that it had successfully
purchased the Land Rover and Jaguar brands from Ford Motors for UK
£2.3 million. Two of the World's luxury car brand have been added to its
portfolio of brands, and will undoubtedly off the company the chance to
market vehicles in the luxury segments.
Tata Motors Limited acquired Daewoo Motor's Commercial vehicle
business in 2004 for around USD $16 million.