Essay on Marketing Strategies to Different Cultures

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When marketing our products across cultures, without doubt we are going to face with cultural differences that exist among the different markets that we are focusing. The challenge that we faced includes our ability to identify the differences in the various cultures as well as finding ways to ensure that we do not upset the consumers by not being sensitive to cultural differences that exist within different markets. Being a multi cultural nation ourselves, we are no stranger to cultural differences. Culture are norms and practices that are common to any society. An understanding about culture is important if we are to market our products and services to the global market. Culture is also about how different people give different…show more content…
As an individual we are different in characteristics as a group even though we belong to the same sub culture such as race. This differences can be seen in our behaviour as an individual as opposed to our behaviour if we are in a group. These two approches are: (a) ideographic approach (b) nomothetic approach Deciding which approach to use is important because we must decide beforehand, do we want to influence the behaviour of individuals or a group of individuals especially in our advertising messages. 2.2 A TYPOLOGY FOR DILEMMAS OF MARKETING Trompenaar’s (2004) identifies seven dimensions of culture. The seven dimensions are: 1. Universalism-Particularism 2. Individualism-Communitarianism 3. Specific -Diffuse 4. Neutral-Affective 5. Achivement-Ascription 6. Sequential-Syncronic 7. Internal-External control Source: Trompenaars F. Wooliams P (2004). Marketing Across Cultures. Wiley, Capstone Publishing. An example of cultural groups found in the Asian culture can be found below: Trompenars’ Cultural groups Asian Culture Relationship Japan China Indonesia Hong Kong Individualism Communitarianism x x x x Specific Diffuse x x x Universal Particular x x x Neutral x x Emotional x Achievement Ascription x x x Source Now let us look at each dilemma and see how we can reconcile them followed by some examples. . 2.3 THE DILEMMA BETWEEN THE UNIVERSAL AND THE
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