Marketing Strategy – Adidas

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Q1. What is the Marketing Mix for Adidas? Product The group has maintained a culture of providing high quality products aimed at providing the best value to the costumer. The products portfolio is continuously enhanced through creations and innovations throughout the companies various categories. This is pursued in order to cater to the various needs and wants of consumers worldwide. Well-known brands for sports apparels, equipment and accessories, the Adidas group has a diverse brand portfolio consists of: Adidas: footwear, apparel and accessories; Reebok: footwear, apparel and accessories; TaylorMade Adidas Golf: Golf Equipment, footwear, apparel and accessories; Rockport: Dress, casual and outdoor footwear, apparel and accessories;…show more content…
Promotion The Adidas group sells products in virtually every country of the world. Thus, different promotional tools are used in order to reduce the number of lost customers and to increase sales. The group has set up an unparalleled portfolio of promotion partnerships with international recognized sports associations (e.g. UEFA, FIFA, NBA, NFL, and NHL). Henceforth, commercials, ads, apps for smart phones, product placement, sponsorships for athletes and sport events (e.g. Berlin Marathon 2011) are implemented. Adidas has provided the Official Match Ball containing Logo of the Adidas for FIFA World Cup 2010 (South Africa). Adidas is tier one partner and sponsor for the coming London 2012 Olympics – one of the important Sporting Event of the World. The officials and staff of 2012 Olympics wearing Adidas Sportswear during Inaugural and Closing ceremonies will always leave Adidas in the brains of the Millions of the people watching these ceremonies. Adidas has hailed its biggest ever UK marketing campaign ‘Take the Stage’ for lifting sales of London 2012-related merchandise to around £100m. Q2. Why Adidas Sponsor In London Olympics But Not New York Or Malaysia? A worldwide sporting event like The Olympics or world Cup provides a huge marketing opportunity for sports apparel companies, which have long enjoyed a spike in sales during such events. Historically, the
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