Marketing Strategy : A Business Strategy

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Marketing Strategy What is Marketing Strategy? The object of marketing strategy is to increase sales and a supportable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Marketing strategy includes short and long-term actions that divide up the strategic plan of the company including the formulation, evaluation and selection of market-oriented strategies. Marketing objectives contribute to the goals of the company. A good marketing strategy is derived from market research, which allows the business to focus on what the right product mix is to be able to achieve the maximum profit potential for a sustainable the business. Marketing strategy is the groundwork of any marketing plan. Charming Lee Photos have divided the marketing strategy into categories, word of mouth, visual, pricing events and meet and greets. The word of mouth will be spread when the clients know they are important to Charming Lee Photos, and their business is appreciated. Charming Lee Photos client will know they are appreciated with the appreciation gifts included with the packages. Appreciation gifts go a long way in getting clients to remember the business; it can also gain repetitive business. Word of mouth marketing generated from past clients helps ensure a successful business. Meet and Greets will give the community exposure the Client and will give Sand some ideas on what her community is looking for in a photographer. Meet and Greets will be set up with local high schools in the spring to expose students
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