Marketing Strategy : An Organization 's Marketing Goals Into A Comprehensive Plan

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A marketing strategy combines an organization’s marketing goals into a comprehensive plan. It is drawn from good market research on the right marketing mix to achieve maximum profits for the product or service as well as sustain the business. Of common use is the term “marketing mix.” It incorporates the four Ps of marketing. These are product, price, promotion and place. When dealing with a service in place of a good, the four are expanded to the seven Ps. The three additions are; people, physical evidence, and process. My paper is based on a good, the Segway, and as such, I will discuss on the basic four Ps.
The Segway is a two-wheeled scooter-like vehicle that is self-balancing and is battery powered. The batteries are charged using electricity. It is given the brand name; Segway PT. Segway is derived from the term segue which means smooth transition. PT, on the other hand, is an abbreviation standing for a personal transporter. The main building blocks are computers, sensors and electric motors found in its base. They help keep it upright when powered on in the balancing enabled mode. It is the rider who command the device to either go forward or backward by shifting their weight. The gyroscopic sensors detect the changes in angle and pitch and respond accordingly.
The Segway cruises at a maximum speed of about twenty kilometers an hour. It is the riders who maintain the desired speed. They do this by modulating their forward and backward weight shifts. The major

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