Marketing Strategy - Analyse Competitive Dynamics in Pharma Industry

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Marketing Strategy Use of strategy frameworks to analyse competitive dynamics in the pharmaceutical industry
Graham Leask is a member of the Economics and Strategy Group at Aston University, where he currently teaches Value Based Strategy and Entrepreneurial Strategy to final year and postgraduate students. Graham joined ICI Agrochemicals Research, before entering the pharmaceutical industry, where he worked in marketing and general management roles for several top ten pharmaceutical companies. His most recent role was Strategic Planning Director for Astra Pharmaceuticals, where he was responsible for strategy development, which enabled him to gain first hand experience within the world’s key pharmaceutical markets. His primary research
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within an industry. In effect, an empirical classification system is proposed with the principle strengths that such classification allows the comprehensive inclusion of a range of available characters, therefore the overall similarity of members within groups is broadly based.15 This empiricist approach has a number of characteristics which may prove particularly beneficial to pharmaceutical industry strategists because it provides a means to discern and analyse a pattern within an industry regarded by some as data rich but information poor. The following principles underpin such an approach.16 1 2 A priori each variable is of equal weight in creating natural groups. Overall similarity between any two firms is a function of their individual similarities in each of the characters by which they are being compared. Distinct groups may be recognised because the correlation of characters will differ between groups. In effect, each natural strategic group should demonstrate a different pattern of resource commitments. Classifications are based upon similarity.



Porter (1980)14 proposes 13 strategic dimensions that together should capture the possible
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